New Contract: Medcurity

New Contract: Medcurity

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Medcurity is the industry-leading HIPAA Compliance Platform and is ecstatic to partner with MediGroup bringing their members discounted access to bolstering their HIPAA Compliance programs. With Medcurity, you can build or complement your HIPAA Privacy and Security program with the most intuitive tools and helpful guidance available.

How Medcurity streamlines your HIPAA requirements:

1. Security Risk Analysis

Medcurity’s intuitive platform includes explanations, definitions, and examples as you analyze your organization’s risk. An audit-ready final reportis produced providing you with recommended, risk-stratified remediation actions to close out year-long..

2. Custom Policies and Procedures

Build right-sized, shareable policies with our guided templatesor upload your own to manage in one place.

3. Business Associate Agreement Management

Customize and maintainall your agreements in one place, push them for e-signatures, and proactively manage your vendors with more confidence.

4. HIPAA Training Module

Train employees on HIPAA requirements and proactively keeping your organization compliant. Track employee course completionfor your annual HIPAA Security Awareness Training.

5. Network Vulnerability Scans –

Medcurity identifies internal and external vulnerabilities. Your final report will categorize and prioritize identified vulnerabilitieswith suggested next steps.


Medcurity’s team of experts will come to you. Having Medcurity’s on-site guidance through the Security Risk Analysis and Policy Review process is a great way to ensure all crucial and required areas are covered and to give yourself peace of mind regarding the SRA. Features of on-site services include:

  • In-depth Analysis: Comprehensive measurement and documentation of current risks and security posture.
  • Policy Review: A review of security and privacy policies with recommendations.
  • In-Person Analysis: Facility walk-through and staff interviews.
  • Next Steps: Recommended focus areas and remediation activities.


  • Year-long customer support: Medcurity offers free support for all platform users.
  • Educational resources: Medcurity desires to inform the healthcare community on current events and regulatory updates via webinars, newsletters, white papers, and more.

Interested in a demo? Schedule with Ari:

Ari Van Peursem, National Partner Manager

[email protected]



Interested in signing up?

Visit and select “Start Now” at checkout enter MediGroup’s promo code: MEDIGROUP35 for your member discount.

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