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MediGroup Physician Services (MediGroup) is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) designed specifically to bring large hospital discounts to the small hospital, surgery center, specialty physician office, and extended care markets.

Absolutely! We have an Employee Perks Program which are discounts that are available to employees for their personal use. Some examples are discounts on cell phone bills and office supplies.

Nope! Keep on keeping on! You can continue buying what you normally buy, but you also have the option to explore other products and manufacturers if you ever wanted to make a change! Working with your medical supply distributor is an easy way to see what options are out there!

Heck yes you can! We value the relationship you have with your medical supply distributor. We will help your distributor rep with contract connections, so you don’t have to worry!

This is a two-part answer!

  • You will continue ordering your medical supplies through your medical supply distributor. Please indicate your medical supply distributor on your Participation Agreement and we will work with the distributor to ensure your accounts are connected to our contracts.
  • Each of our Value Added Services vendors will have unique instructions on how to access the discounts. You can access this information through our Members Home portal once you become a member or work with one of our MediGroup reps to help facilitate connections.

Nothing! There is no charge or fee to become a member of MediGroup.

MediGroup has negotiated contracts for medical surgical items, pharmaceuticals, capital equipment, and office supplies and products for a wide range of healthcare facilities.

MediGroup has combined the buying power of our 30,000 plus healthcare facility members. This buying power has allowed our experienced contract negotiators at MediGroup to put together the most aggressive contract portfolio available to the surgery center and specialty physician market.

Through our 20+ years of business, we have learned the ins and outs of the GPO world allowing us to become experts on finding the best vendors to partner with to bring the most value to our members. We continue to focus our efforts on identifying specific vendors with specialty-driven products to contract with. It is through these exclusive MediGroup contracts that differentiates us from other GPO's, giving our members access to more contracts and savings.

Simply complete the Participation Agreement!

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