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January 19th at 1pm (EDT): MedTrainer

It has been a remarkable period of transformation for healthcare organizations since the onset of the pandemic due to a significant number of emergency orders and waivers issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The ongoing pandemic has demonstrated the benefits of regulatory flexibility which has also accelerated the adoption of telehealth to improve healthcare delivery alternatives.

In this session we will provide an overview of the pending expiration of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) and how to prepare your organization for a return to pre-pandemic regulations and increased enforcement activities that carry enhanced consequences associated with infection control deficiencies.

Our discussion will conclude with strategies to take advantage of positive changes in regulations that are intended to help reduce the burdens of maintaining compliance while also encouraging patients to become more involved in their healthcare.

The goal of this activity is to increase preparedness for the eventual expiration of the Emergency Orders, including becoming more familiar with:

  1. The evolving regulatory environment that has emerged throughout the pandemic and the implications for healthcare organizations
  2. CMS inspection and audit activities that are occurring simultaneously with the current resurgence of the pandemic.
  3. How the proposed CMS Final Rule to permanently relax specific HIPAA regulations to improve how healthcare organizations share medical records and improve patient access for which CMS is currently seeking public comment.

Brian S. Williams, MHA, MBA
Vice President of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Mr. Williams has extensive healthcare management experience in business development, support staff management, compliance, and regulatory affairs. This has included 20+ years of Executive level experience, managing 350+ healthcare employees, with multiple departments and locations where he was directly responsible for Infection Control, Performance Improvement, and overall staff

His collective work-Life experiences and one-on-one interactions with state, federal, and international government agencies is what fuels his thirst for compliance knowledge that he loves to share with MedTrainer and our customers.

One of Brian’s strongest passions are teaching and the development of others. He considers himself a life-long learner, which is evidenced by his dual master’s degrees, certifications, and his most memorable learning experiences at Oxford University in England. He has served on the MedTrainer Education and Development Board for the past five years, authored numerous compliance courses and works closely with major clients on custom courseware and compliance toolkits.

Some of MedTrainer’s services include QuikCred, Compliance Management, LabComply, and Task & Log Management, and more.

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