MediGroup will facilitate and host monthly Webinar Conference Calls for MediGroup Members. These webinar calls are being designed to help enhance your savings opportunities through MediGroup's extensive contract portfolio of products and services.

Each call will feature a contracted MediGroup Supplier that will review via a short PowerPoint presentation the savings opportunity for which the Agreement was created with ample time at the end for Questions from the caller participants. This Webinar Program is included as part of your MediGroup relationship, is optional [attend only the calls of interest for your practice] and are designed for easy connection via your desktop or laptop computer and telephone line.

Upcoming Webinars


September 17th at 1pm (EDT): Global Biomedical Technology

Learn more about Comfort Release Bandages from Global Biomedical Technology.

Comfort Release®, the first and only releasable, replaceable, adjustable,
painless removal adhesive bandages, tapes and dressings for sensitive skin, fragile skin or thin skin.




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