Global Biomedical Technology – Comfort Release

Global Biomedical Technology – Comfort Release

MediGroup has partnered with Global Biomedical Technology (GBT) to bring our members a solution for advanced wound care for sensitive skin and other skin conditions. GBT is a medical technology company focused on improving patient care while remaining cost effective. They set out to solve an unmet need for a medical adhesive with a strong bond, but one that can also be removed without causing pain or additional skin trauma. Their line of Comfort Release® products is the solution.

What is Comfort Release?

GBT has the first of its kind switchable adhesive called Comfort Release®. Comfort Release® is a line of advanced wound care dressings, bandages, and tapes designed to improve patient outcomes, prevent skin injuries due to the use of adhesives, and help you provide pain-free care. Designed to stick when you need it, and release when you don’t! Comfort Release® is made with a unique polymer that allows the adhesive to remain on the skin for 48-72 hours. Swiping the adhesive border with rubbing alcohol allows a trauma-free release of the bandage for replacement or to inspect the wound. The bandage may then be reapplied if it is not time to replace it. Comfort Release® has use among all healthcare specialties including pediatrics, long-term care, and surgery centers.

Why Should You Choose Comfort Release?

The mission of Global Biomedical Technologies and Comfort Release® is “to improve the clinician and patient experience by providing high quality acute and advanced wound care products with skin injury prevention solutions.” Comfort Release® is the first switchable adhesive that is a releasable, replaceable, adjustable and painless wound care solution. Comfort Release® delivers the strength of an acrylic adhesive with the easy release of silicone – with no residual glue or mess. Over 90% of adults interviewed approved of Comfort Release®; view the Clinical cases link in the below Additional Resources section for more on patient approval.

How can Comfort Release Help Prevent MARSI?

Comfort Release® was developed by doctors and was created to prevent MARSI (Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury). Using the wrong type of adhesive can cause serious issues including MARSI. MARSI can require additional (sometimes expensive) treatment and increase risk of infection and affect the overall experience of the patient’s healing process. In addition to age being a risk factor for MARSI, the Comfort Release® website lists the below contributing factors:

  • Dryness can cause fragile skin
  • Blood circulation problems, poor nutrition, and dehydration
  • Steroidal medication may result in skin-thinning
  • Skin allergies such as dermatitis and eczema
  • Radiation, chemotherapy, and age-related illnesses


While most people dread to have bandages removed due to blisters, skin tears, and bruising, Comfort Release® solves these common issues. Easy to “switch off” technology makes bandage removal trauma-free, making the patient experience more manageable. This is possible through incorporating a special polymer into the adhesive backing that temporarily causes the adhesive to release when rubbing alcohol is applied. The patient feels no pain when the bandage is removed and the risk of skin tearing is eliminated. All Comfort Release® products are extremely breathable. They are also easy to remove by using a little rubbing alcohol to trigger the pain-free release of the adhesive. These little but important added benefits of Comfort Release® make it a game-changer in the world of MARSI and wound care.

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