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Endoscopy stands as a cornerstone of modern medical diagnostics and interventions, encompassing a range of procedures that utilize specialized instruments to visualize and treat internal organs. In parallel, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) have emerged as key players in healthcare procurement, leveraging collective purchasing power to streamline processes and negotiate favorable contracts with suppliers.

Endoscopic procedures include gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urological examinations, each demanding a specialized set of instruments and technologies. Endoscopists rely on high-quality endoscopes, imaging systems, and disposable accessories to perform precise diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. The evolving landscape of endoscopic techniques requires a dynamic supply chain to ensure access to the latest innovations.

Endoscopic units within healthcare facilities often operate within constrained budgets, making cost savings a critical consideration. GPOs negotiate contracts that result in reduced procurement costs for endoscopic supplies, enabling institutions to allocate resources strategically. These cost savings can be reinvested in staff training, equipment maintenance, or expanding endoscopic services, ultimately benefiting patient care delivery. As Endoscopy and GPOs intersect, this collaboration plays a pivotal role in advancing the field, ultimately enhancing patient care delivery and driving innovation in endoscopic practices.

The MediGroup Endoscopy Purchasing Program includes:

DISCOUNTS ON Medical/Surgical, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Products for Endoscopy

DISCOUNTS ON Capital Equipment

DISCOUNTS ON everything it takes to run your back office including office supplies, corporate cell phone plans, overnight and two day shipping, medical waste disposal, document shredding, merchant services and so much more


MediGroup’s member employees enjoy many special discounts including discounts on personal cell phone plans with AT&T and Verizon, entertainment parks including Disney and Universal Studios, movie theater tickets with most movie chains, rental car and hotel discounts, restaurant discounts, oil changes, and home office supplies just to name a few of the over 1000 discounts available to member employees.


Our members access the most cost savings and revenue enhancement solutions available in the healthcare facility marketplace

Contract Highlights for Endoscopy

3M Healthcare Covidien B Braun Hospira Baxter Healthcare ICU Medical
BD Kimberly Clark Cardinal Metrex CareFusion Sempermed
Comfort Release Smiths Medical Conmed Tidi Products
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