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Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are entities that leverage the collective purchasing power of member healthcare providers to negotiate favorable contracts with suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers. By pooling resources and negotiating discounts, GPOs enable healthcare providers to access a wide range of medical products and services at competitive prices.

Women’s health encompasses a broad spectrum of medical needs and services, ranging from reproductive health to mental wellness, requiring a comprehensive approach to care. The provision of quality healthcare involves not only clinical expertise but also efficient access to medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment.

This is where GPOs play a crucial role in supporting physicians and enhancing women’s health outcomes. By negotiating contracts for vaccines, cancer screening tests, and other preventive healthcare services, GPOs provide comprehensive care to women across various health needs, from reproductive health to chronic disease management and mental wellness at an affordable cost. This includes vaccinations for HPV as well as capital equipment and medical products used for screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other gynecological conditions.

By ensuring access to these preventive services, GPOs support women’s health physicians in their efforts to detect and address health issues early, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes for women.

The MediGroup Women’s Health Medicine Purchasing Program includes:

DISCOUNTS ON Medical/Surgical, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Products for Women’s Health

DISCOUNTS ON Capital Equipment

DISCOUNTS ON everything it takes to run your back office including office supplies, corporate cell phone plans, overnight and two day shipping, medical waste disposal, document shredding, merchant services and so much more


MediGroup’s member employees enjoy many special discounts including discounts on personal cell phone plans with AT&T and Verizon, entertainment parks including Disney and Universal Studios, movie theater tickets with most movie chains, rental car and hotel discounts, restaurant discounts, oil changes, and home office supplies just to name a few of the over 1000 discounts available to member employees.


Our members access the most cost savings and revenue enhancement solutions available in the healthcare facility marketplace

Contract Highlights for Women's Health

3M Healthcare Allergan Baxter Healthcare B Braun BD Comfort Release Cyalume
Ethicon GSK Hemosure Hologic Kimberly Clark Miltex Instruments PDI
Sanofi Sekisui Siemens Symmetry Welch Allyn
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