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MediGroup has created a brand awareness initiative called Frank’s Fast Five with Healthcare Executives.

The 5 questions presented in these interviews are short, positive questions aimed at creating awareness of our interviewees’ brands.

The host of Frank’s Fast Five is MediGroup’s own Frank Gillespie, MediGroup’s Vice President of Supplier Relations. Through Frank’s experience and connections made in the healthcare industry, we are happy to bring you this fun and engaging series.

Take a look and share in some fun and informative videos.

Episode 21: Jared Neville, B Braun

In this episode, Frank Gillespie Jr talks with Jared Neville, Director, OPM National Accounts with B. Braun Medical Inc. (US).

Jared and Frank talk about the changes in the nature of selling over the last two years. While there are some people who prefer video calls, there are still many people who want to get back out in front of customers. B Braun has faced issues with the global supply chain, and Jared tells Frank about their investment in their US warehouses and production centers including a new facility in Daytona, FL.

Episode 20: Micah Smith, Provista

Joined by Andy Klearman, Frank Gillespie Jr interviewed Micah Smith, Senior Vice President of Sales at Provista.

Micah gives Frank and Andy an overview of the division of Provista Sales Teams and the markets they serve. Watch to learn about Envi, a web-based materials management healthcare supply chain solution, and how Provista and MediGroup members can use the solution. Micah discusses the importance of supplier assurance strategies as we continue to emerge from the pandemic.

Episode 19: Darryl Goldstein, PurMed

In this week’s episode, Frank Gillespie Jr interviewed Darryl Goldstein, CEO of Purmed Global LLC.
PurMed Global is a provider of CBD wellness products distributed exclusively through physicians. In his role, Darryl supports new product development and research initiatives for PurMed Global. Watch to hear a quick overview of the history of CBD and how CBD can be used to treat a variety of conditions.

Episode 18: Tom Coy, TMG Health Technologies

This week’s episode of Frank’s Fast Five features Tom Coy, Senior Leadership TMG International and TMG Health Technologies.
Through his years in the industry, Tom has recognized the importance of collaborating with GPOs to expand his knowledge in order to make the best decisions possible. Frank and Tom discuss a new vendor, Pulse 4 Pulse, who offers a service for early detection of chronic illness in asymptomatic patients, and how companies have adjusted sales techniques in order to get their messages in front of potential consumers.

Episode 17: Bradley Weissler, Aramark

We are back at it! We are excited to kick off a new year of Frank’s Fast Five! To start 2022 Frank Gillespie Jr interviewed Bradley Weissler, Key Account Manager Uniform Services with Aramark.
Brad manages national programs and acts as a liaison between clients and service teams. He talks with Frank about Aramark’s response to the pandemic and discusses the ways Aramark brings quality service and products to their customers.

Episode 16: Michelle Hoffner, HP

In this episode,Frank Gillespie Jr interviewed Michelle Hoffner, Commercial Account Manager, Printing & Personal Systems with HP.

Michelle has been with HP for over 16 years working with end-user customers. Michelle takes a dive into HP’s current initiatives on creating safe and clean workspaces focused on the reduction of HAIs. Michelle and Frank also discuss the importance of security when it comes to your printers. There is a link in the comments to learn more about HP’s Healthcare Initiatives.

Episode 15: Chris Cummings, DJO

Frank Gillespie Jr Frank interviewed Chris Cummings, Corporate Account Director at DJO for this week’s Frank’s Fast Five.
Chris has been in his role for 11 years working with larger organizations acting as a corporate liaison for his customers. Chris and Frank discuss the trend of more surgeries at ambulatory surgery centers, the current supply chain issues, and how DJO is always looking at new product innovations.

Episode 14: Dr. Howard Rosing, Comfort Release

This week Frank Gillespie Jr interviewed Howard Rosing MD, PhD, President of Comfort Release.

Comfort Release is the first switchable, medical adhesive. Dr. Rosing began as a biomedical engineer before becoming a board-certified physician. He began looking into adhesive alternatives after a relative suffered a skin tear from an IV securement dressing. After 10 years of work on the product, Dr. Rosing created a painless adhesive with the best features of the traditional silicone and acrylic adhesives. Watch to learn how Comfort Release works and for information on the Comfort Release free trial program.

Episode 13: Darby Thompson

In this week’s episode of Frank’s Fast Five, Frank Gillespie Jr interviewed Darby Thompson, Partner at Excelerant Consulting, LLC.

Darby primarily works on strategic development for GPO contracting, category management, and operational aspects to prepare clients for the GPO market. Darby explains the change in strategy he has had with virtual calls compared with in-person meetings as a result of the pandemic. Frank and Darby have crossed paths many times in their careers, watch until the end to hear how wind kept their feet on the ground.

Episode 12: Jane Friddell

Frank Gillespie Jr interviewed Jane Friddell, Manager Group Purchasing Organizations and Associations with Pitney Bowes, in this week’s episode of Frank’s Fast Five.

Jane discusses how she works to bring value to members of GPOs, and how she works with GPO representatives to educate them on the products and services offered by Pitney Bowes. Jane explains how Pitney Bowes is always looking at the ways things are changing so they can adapt their programs and offerings.


Episode 11: Rand Ballard

Andy Klearman joins Frank Gillespie Jr this week to talk with Rand Ballard, Chief Customer Officer at Vizient, Inc.
Rand discusses the importance of bringing value to members, how Vizient approached the pandemic by creating a War Room, and how Vizient has invested in domestic supply to mitigate shortages now and in the future. Rand saw the potential in MediGroup 18 years ago for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you for your continued support!


Episode 10: Megan McDaniel McCormack

This week’s episode of Frank’s Fast Five features Megan McDaniel McCormack, Field Sales Director for Staples.

Megan has been with Staples for 14 years. In her current role, Megan assists healthcare and commercial customers meet their individual needs. Megan and Frank discuss the extensive solutions Staples offers to healthcare facilities that cover front office and back office needs. Megan also explains how Staples added product offerings during the pandemic.


Episode 9: Amy Cochran

In this episode, Frank interviews Amy Cochran, Senior Sales Executive for Share Moving Media.

As Senior Sales Executive, Amy engages with clients to discover their needs, objectives and goals before creating a strategic plan. Amy and Frank discuss the changing trends in marketing due to the pandemic restricting in-person meetings.


Episode 8: Michael Etheridge

This week’s episode features Michael Etheridge, MBA, President and Financial Consultant with Stauros Financial.

MediGroup has been a corporate client of Mike’s since 2006. In 2014, Mike took his practice independent which has provided his client’s with flexibility, product independence, and trust.



Episode 7: Billy Harris

In this week’s episode of Frank’s Fast Five, Andy Klearman joins Frank Gillespie Jr in discussion with Billy Harris, CEO of Sri Trang USA Inc.

Billy talks with Frank and Andy about Sri Trang’s continued efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and being aware of potential supply chain disruptions. Watch until the end for a story that will surely keep you hooked!



Episode 6: Jim Cunniff

MediGroup’s CEO Andy Klearman joins Frank to chat with Jim Cunniff, President & CEO of Provista.
Jim’s vision is to have members view Provista as their trusted partner to help them solve their cost, quality, and market performance challenges. Watch to learn more about how Provista is uniquely positioned to achieve this vision, and how they have continued to expand their membership and offerings amid the changes in healthcare brought on by the pandemic.



Episode 5: Dr. Luis Almodovar

This week’s episode of Five Questions with Healthcare Executives features Dr. Luis Almodovar, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of ErgoSuture Corporation.

Watch as Dr. Almodovar describes ErgoSuture’s innovative suturing device. Dr. Almodovar explains his interest in creating a versatile device that can be used for many types of surgeries and wound closure.


Episode 4: Ashley Park

In this episode, Frank interviewed Ashley Park, Regional Account Manager with Clarity Diagnostics, LLC.

Ashley wears many hats in her role at Clarity including live tech support. Watch as she gives a live demonstration of Clarity's COVIBLOCK, a rapid Covid-19 antibody test.


Episode 3: Dennis Darr

Today’s episode of MediGroup’s Five Questions in Five Minutes with Healthcare Executives features Dennis Daar, Managing Partner of Medical Specialties International (MSI).
Dennis uses his extensive experience in the medical supply and device industry to assist clients in gaining and implementing contracts with GPOs, IDNs, and Government entities. To learn more about MSI, check out their website: www.medistrategies.com


Episode 2: Stacey Goodale


This week’s episode of MediGroup’s Five Questions in Five Minutes features Stacey Goodale, National Account Manager with GSK. Stacey answers questions around emerging healthcare trends and key differences between servicing the acute versus the non-acute care supply chain.



Episode 1: Jeff Borgstrom 

Introducing MediGroup’s Five Questions in Five Minutes with Healthcare Executives! A new series dedicated to getting to know our partners.

To kick off our new series, we have Jeff Borgstrom with INTRO Consultants. With over 30 years in healthcare sales, Jeff has the knowledge and experience to help “intro”duce his clients to the right people in the healthcare space.